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Love my Body and my Cycle. . .
Pelvic Steaming is the use of a customized blend of herbs and gentle steam. A woman sits over a pot and the gentle herbal-infused steam swirls around the pelvic region. The length of the steam session, timing of when to steam, and the herbs need to be tailored for each woman. This is a practice that has been used for women's wellness for many centuries all over the world. See a demonstration. Ask questions and learn the best way to start this practice as part of your in-home wellness care.
potential healing benefits of yoni steaming

  • sexual vibrance
  • a balanced monthly cycle
  • provides relief from cramps & PMS
  • supports fertility
  • offers nervous system support
  • natural postpartum care
  • menopause and perimenopause support
  • helps create an environment for infections to fully heal

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • 1. the simplicity and value of this form of natural women's healthcare
  • 2. the basics of proper period care
  • 3. why steaming is so effective and why so little know about this practice
  • 4. pelvic steaming has been reported to support hormonal balance, postpartum healing, fertility, a smooth transition to menopause, and a healthy cycle.
  • 5. the best way to begin
  • 6. when it is safe/not safe to steam7. from personal stories of transformation on the emotional, physical, spiritual level

60 minutes
Cost: $18
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Taught by Rachel Illari
I am a womb wellness educator, Reiki Master, a pelvic steaming facilitator, and a Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster. I support women in

  • healing their connection to their womb and embracing their feminine powers
  • the healing of the heart-womb connection
  • preparing to enter motherhood with a balanced monthly cycle and deeply nourished through being in touch with their cycle.
  • healing period challenges naturally or balance the menstrual cycle in preparation to conceive.

Nov 23 @ 1 pm

Infant/Baby Massage

Learn to Massage Your Baby!

Infant Massage may be beneficial in the following areas: 

  • May help relieve discomfort from gas, colic, and constipation
  • May improve circulation
  • Aids in digestion
  • Aids in the relief of pain due to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Enhances development of the nervous system
  • May stimulate neurological development
  • May increase / heighten awareness
  • May reduce stress hormones
  • Helps improves immune function
  • Helps increase the release of oxytocin, the nurturing hormone


Minimum:  2 registrations
Maximum:  10 registrations
Pre-paid registration required 1 week prior to workshop
Instructor:   Holly Keich

Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication (EC) is a natural and globally practiced alternative to diaper dependence.  It's potty learning, that can start from birth if you choose or you can start later on.  It's a simple, natural practice. It is a way of relating to your child and being in tune with your baby's hygiene needs. You don't need fancy equipment to do this practice with your little one. It is simple to learn and fun to do.

In this class, we explore:

  1. What is Elimination Communication {EC}?
  2. What are the benefits of EC?
  3. REAL LIFE- how to start, continue and wrap up EC?


September 9th  |  7PM



Pre-Register to get your Zoom link to join us!

Minimum:  3 registrations
Maximum:  12 registrations
Instructor:  Rachel Illari, Go Diaper Free Coach