Creative Movement

Bitty Ballet

1.5 – 7 years

An Introduction to Ballet

This program encourages group participation, listening to an instructor and a love of dance. Simple ballet positions are introduced and practiced with a theme for each week.  There will be a small show to finish the session.  Caregivers do not participate (except for mom and me class), but may watch if it is not distracting.

Ballet Attire: leotard (any color), tights, leggings, skirt (all optional), ballet slippers or grippy socks.
Hair: pulled back off of face or with headband.

FOUR LEVELS are now being offered for this class series:

Mom and Me for children ages 1.5-2.5 years (with a caregiver participating)

Itty: LEVEL 1 for children ages 2.5-3.5 years

Bitty: LEVEL 2 for children ages 3.5-5 years (or those who have completed two previous LEVEL 1 sessions)

LEVEL 2+ for ages 5-7 years old (for the older kids in Bitty Ballet and seasoned participants that would like to learn more)

Please register your child for the appropriate level


Mom and Me: Tuesday, 10:30am  |  Wednesday, 5:15pm – 6:00pm
$60 for 6 weeks

Itty (level 1): Monday, 10:00am  |  Monday, 5:15pm
$90 for 6 weeks

Bitty (level 2): Monday, 11:00am  |  Monday, 6:00pm
​$90 for 6 weeks

LEVEL 2+: Wednesday, 6:00pm
$160 for 10 weeks




Itty:  November 28th - December 19th

Bitty:  November 28th - December 19th


Mom and Me:

week of January 17th - week of February 27th (no class week of 02/20)


January 16th - February 27th (no class on 02/20)


January 16th - February 27th (no class on 02/20)


​Pre-paid registration required prior to the start of the session

Minimum: 2 registrations
Maximum: 10 registrations
Instructor: Randi DiLella


0 – 4 years

Where the Science of Child Development meets the Magic of Zumba® for the Ultimate Bonding Experience!

Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, ZUMBINI is a celebration of the power of music to enhance our lives, stimulate learning, inspire dance and movement, and strengthen the bond between caregiver/parent and child.  ZUMBINI uses original music and songs to promote cognitive, social, fine/gross motor skill and emotional development for children 0 to 4. Designed to let you and your little ones wiggle, sing and learn together.

Tuesday  |  9:30AM  

Thursday  |  4:30PM


$68/ 6 week series

$20 /sibling

$15/ single Class (availability and registration online)


Tuesday  |  November 8th - December 20th

Thursday  |  November 10th - December 22nd

Tuesday  |  January 17th - February 21st

Thursday  |  January 19th - February 23rd

Tuesday  |  March 14th - April 25th

Thursday  |  March 16th - April 27th

$10 DEMO Class   * only available on certain dates

January 10th  |  9:30AM

January 12th  |  4:30PM

March 7th  |  9:30AM

March 9th  |  4:30PM


Minimum: 3 registrations
Maximum: 8 registrations
Instructor: Molly McGoff - Brunner

Fun 2 Move

A Creative Movement Class for our Little Movers

Little ones and caregivers will explore movement in dance, yoga/breathing, tumbling, obstacle courses and more. Our monthly theme will keep you moving and motivated.


$14/single class

$39/3 class pack  

$66/6 class pack


Thursday | 9:30AM


Minimum: 3 registrations

Maximum: 8 registrations

Instructor: Molly McGoff


Tiny Climbers

confident crawler to under 4 years

Let Your Little One Climb and Explore

Help your little adventurer (under age 4) explore movement and reach developmental milestones by climbing, balancing, jumping, and socializing.  We change the focus each week to keep little ones excited, engaged and learning new skills.  Come when you want, leave when you need to.  Coffee/Tea provided for caregivers.


$29/ month

$10 single class (must register online)

$5 demo class (only available on certain days)


December 30th  |  10AM


Friday  |  10AM - 12PM


Minimum: 2 registrations
Maximum: 10 registrations
Instructor: Molly McGoff - Brunner


Creative Movement Class

3-6 years

Explore all types of CREATIVE MOVEMENT with our Monthly Themes that will keep Kids Motivated and Moving!

Creative Movement class is structured to promote self-awareness, individuality, and independent thinking. Exercises are often formatted as games or projects and movement is generated by the individual. The opportunity for personal choice in the activities challenges the children to think for themselves and be recognized for their unique ways of moving. We focus on the qualities of movement such as fast/slow, smooth/sharp, shake/vibratory, sustain & collapse, swing, etc. To create the movement, the class will often play off visual imagery using pictures, scarves/dancing ribbons, instruments, tumble equipment, props and more. Movement is created by learning about our theme and then translating the idea into dance.


$15/ single class 

$42/ 3 class pass

$72/ 6 class pass


Thursday 10:30AM  |  Thursday 5:30PM


Monthly Themes

November   |  Giving Thanks

December   |  Om Baby Holiday

*Beginning in January this class will be a 3 week series.  You can choose to do all three or drop in on the class days/times that work for you! 

Please register online to save your spot.

January  |  Winter Wonderland

February  |  Healthy Heart

March  |  Chasing Rainbows

April  |  Spring into Spring

May  |  May Flowers

June/July/August - Creative Movement CAMPS (dates TBD)

Minimum: 2 registrations
Maximum: 8 registrations
Instructor: Molly McGoff - Brunner