Pregnancy and Postpartum

Meet the Doulas

Looking for a doula but not sure where to start?

Come join other new and expectant parents to learn about the benefits of birth and postpartum doula services.  Meet the Doulas includes an overview of what doulas do, the benefits of doula services, and how to find the right doula for you.

Birth & Postpartum doulas from Dauphin County Doulas will be there to answer all your questions. 

If you are not sure you want to have a doula at your birth, or are even unsure of what a doula is, this is a great opportunity to meet doulas without making any commitments towards hiring just yet.




Upcoming Dates:

April 22nd |  9:00AM

June 3rd |  9:00AM


Minimum:  4 couples
Maximum: 10 couples
Facilitator:  Amy Wilt, LPN, CD(DONA), CCE, APBT



Childbirth Class 

You’re Expecting!

This class is a hands-on, ONE day workshop to get you fully prepared for pregnancy and birth, no matter what type of birth experience you choose. This class is designed to adapt to the specific needs and questions of each participant.  A Prepared Childbirth handbook: InJoy's Guide to Mother & Baby Care is included for each family.

Topics Include:

Recognizing and understanding the labor process

Planning for your ideal birth and preparing for the unexpected

Understanding your options, rights and making informed choices

Relaxation, comfort techniques and positioning

Labor support

And much more

You are asked to bring the following:

(not required, but strongly encouraged.  we do have some available for use at the studio)

  • a yoga mat for comfort during positioning practice 
  • an appropriate sized exercise ball (size 45cm, 55cm, or 65cm).  To measure appropriate ball size for the birther, ensure when sitting on ball, your knees are in-line with your hips or lower than your hips and your feet are placed comfortably on the ground 
  • a small, newborn sized stuffed animal or baby doll for hands on practice.

* Consider taking the Know Your Newborn and Baby Care Basics class for more information and hands on learning about your baby.


​$250 per couple
*add Know Your Newborn & Baby Care Basics and SAVE $25
*add Know Your Newborn OR Baby Care Basics and SAVE $10


Upcoming Dates:

March 4th  |  9AM - 6PM

May 6th  |  9AM - 6PM

There will be breaks given throughout the day as well as time for lunch.              You may choose to go get lunch or bring your own.  We have a refrigerator available for use.


Pre-paid registration required prior to workshop
Private Individualized Sessions Available
Instructor: Amy Wilt, LPN, CD(DONA), CCE, APBT

Know Your Newborn

Getting Ready to Welcome Your Little One

This class is designed to learn about baby care in the first six weeks.  We will teach about the importance of baby cues, early brain growth, and bonding.  Participants will also receive INJOY’s “Guide to Newborns”.

Topics include:

  • The Magical Hour and the importance of Skin to Skin
  • Learn about your Newborn:
    • senses
    • appearance
    • procedures
    • reflexes
    • sleep/alert states

*We encourage taking both Know Your Newborn and Baby Care Basics classes.  Information provided in Newborn seamlessly flows into Baby Care Basics.


$50 per couple


Upcoming Dates:

April 22nd  |  10AM - 11:30AM

June 3rd  |  10AM - 11:30AM

July 1st  |  10AM - 11:30AM


Pre-paid registration required.​
Minimum:  3 couples
Maximum: 10 couples
Instructor:  Amy Wilt, LPN, CD(DONA), CCE, APBT

Baby Care Basics

We know you that meeting your little one comes with responsibilities,

big and small.

Many families benefit from this interactive class filled with tricks and tips from experienced doulas and newborn care specialists. You will gain clarity and peace of mind as you learn skills that will aid in a smoother transition into your role as a parent.  Class sizes are kept small to allow for questions and discussion.

Baby Care Basics class will include:

  • Holding and Swaddling
  • Diapering - cloth or disposable
  • Newborn Needs, Characteristics & Cries
  • Bathing and Dressing
  • Feeding- review of breastfeeding basics and bottle feeding safety and instruction
  • Sleep Tips & Safety
  • Well Baby Visits & Vaccinations
  • When to call the Pediatrician
  • How to keep your sanity
  • Tips for accepting help

*We encourage taking both Know Your Newborn and Baby Care Basics classes.  Information provided in Newborn seamlessly flows into Baby Care Basics.



$80 per couple

Upcoming Dates:

April 22nd  |  12PM

June 3rd  |  12PM

July 1st  |  12PM


Pre-paid registration required.
Minimum:  3 couples
Maximum: 10 couples
Instructor:  Amy Wilt, LPN, CD(DONA), CCE, APBT

Car Seat Installation/Safety Check

We have proudly partnered with Dauphin County Doulas to offer this amazing service.  

A certified safety technician will work with you one on one to:

  • install and educate you how to install your car seat in 2 different cars
  • show you how your baby should look in the car seat with the use of a doll
  • follow-up with a ZOOM call after the birth of your baby to ensure you have baby strappen in correctly
  • answer any questions you have regarding car seat safety and your baby
  • come to your house (within a 30 minute drive of Carlisle)                        *additional fee for travel outside of 30 minute radius.

CAR SEAT SAFETY EVENT includes the following service:

  • one on one safety check or reinstallation of your car seat in ONE car by our certified safety technician



$80 *base price, may be additional fees

Please contact Dauphin County Doulas  to book



$20. (one car)

Must book online to reserve your spot.



Please include the following information in the comments section of your reservation:

  • Type of car
  • Type of car seat
  • Age of child
  • Height and weight of child
  • How many seats to be installed

Dancing for Birth

A Trifecta of Birth Preparation.

Dancing for Birth is a feel-good prenatal/postpartum fitness class, childbirth education, and a celebration of pregnancy, birth and parenting – all in one!  With a focus on each mom and her individual journey and needs, this class provides opportunity for meditation, affirmation, movement and FUN. From fertility to pregnancy to postpartum (baby wearing) Dancing for Birth is for everyone!

$20/single class

$99/six week session

$10/demo class (only available on certain dates)


Wednesday 5:30PM


Pre-paid registration required.
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 10
Instructor: Amy Wilt, LPN, CD(DONA), CCE, APBT

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