Shine Yoga

Shine Yoga

Every body is different, unique and truly exclusive. With that in mind, both novice and experienced yogis will enjoy and benefit from this gentle, mindful practice. The class is a fusion of yoga and Body Intelligence Pilates. Erica's philosophy is "Finding the breath in a pose should be an experience of awareness, joy and even comfort." Options and variations of poses are provided so that every student may experience the benefits of a pose regardless of the ability to do one pose one way. Bolsters, blocks and other props are available. The class is taught with generous instruction, feedback in real time from students and guidance from the teacher in kind. A supportive and safe environment, laugh a lot we do.

You are encouraged to bring your own mat if possible as well as water. Students will be on the ground on a mat, come to standing, and eventually end the class lying on the mat, in some comfortable variation.

The object of this class is to strengthen and increase breath capacity as well as endurance, to increase flexibility, balance, strength and over-all body awareness. Most importantly, the entire practice is aimed at helping the student decompress and be still, in body and mind by for the final pose of class relaxation pose, Shavasana.

With 13 years of teaching experience, Erica's rich blend of training makes for a unique and satisfying body/mind experience.

$70 for 5 weeks​
$20 drop-in​

Minimum: N/A
Maximum:  10 registrations
Registration Deadline:  Pre-registration
required ​one week before session begins
Instructor:  Erica Nielsen